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The Prepping Gear Everyone Should Have.

A lot of people make new resolutions when the year is started which they have no intention of fulfilling but you can actually tick prepper gear off the list by knowing what you should include. There is no way you can know what will happen in the next few minutes or days and that is why you should prepare in case things go south and prepping ensures you have a good chance to survive until the end and also gives you peace. Beginners at prepping might have a problem because there will be dozens of people voicing their opinions which might not always make much sense. The main point is ensuring that you can carry your prepper gear around easily which means you should not have a whole car full of items. Being sure of what you want prevents you from doing panic shopping where you will be adding anything you think might be relevant to your cart. You do not have to put this priority last just because you are waiting to have enough money to buy everything and buying at least one item every month or after every two weeks will get you where you wanted to be very fast. You can even set these as long-term goals and do a review on a regular basis about what you have managed to achieve at various points.

Clean water is one of the basic things you will require to survive a disaster. When you are making your plans, you should set aside two gallons of water for each person per day. Do not just get a specific amount but you need extra for other purposes as well.Use containers which are sturdy enough to allow for reuse. Once the bottled water is over, you should have a water purification method. If you are keen about water conservation you might have come across water purification straws and other things which are used in the process and the better part is the little space they occupy.You might be starting a fire for cooking, keeping warm or even sending a signal. You need not one but two or more ways you can start a fire.You can opt for Ferro rods, matches, or Bic lighters.

You will need your energy and this means having enough food. Avoid foods which need to be refrigerated to stay fresh. You need energy bars, whole grains, boxed meals, and canned foods. You also need a can opener for easier opening of the foods. You should include cookware which can be used on open fires.

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