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Eating Beef Just got Healthier with Beef Jerky

While most people associate beef or any meat for the matter with junk food, there is a fair portion of beef that we all need for a healthy body. According to research, all animals that feed on grass have a percentage of omega3. Am guessing we know that omega3 three is vital to our brain development.

What happens when most people are on diet, they try as much as possible to avoid beef and other kinds of meat, that’s what they are advised to, to eat more vegetables and fruits and fewer proteins. But you know what; the normal meat we eat is not just meat but a lot more of fat and insulin which is what is responsible for adding weight. Most of the time we are on diet then we crave so much to eat some nicely cooked beef. Beef jerky is the best type of beef that will quench that craving and at the same time eliminate the risk if adding weight.

Jerky is a snake made from freshly seasoned and dried strips of meat which are sliced and striped into shreds trimmed off all the fat. The shreds are then seasoned and dried with preservatives to keep them for long. Jerky other than its rich protein value and energy, it has minimum fat content. Jerky can be eaten either as snacks or cooked as food, you will find them anywhere in food outlets packed ready. You will like beef jerky not only for its nutritional value but also its convenience of a dense snack that has high energy value and undisputed shelf life. Jerky preserves the tradition of meat and value too

It saves you the time and money of having to go to the food store every now and then because with any jerky, you can buy in bulk and get the delivery that could serve you for days. When buying beef jerky in bulk, however, there are a few things you have to consider for quality health.

Thing one you should check is the manufacturers’ date, if you are buying you jerky in bulk, then this is a crucial consideration. The second thing and the most important are the additives used as preservatives. Some of this companies use preservatives that are somewhat unhealthy to our bodies and also reduces the nutritional value of the jerky, preservatives such as sodium are a no no. jerky that is preserved and dried the natural could be potentially healthy and less risk.

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